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Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

2023-01-03 14:14

Gate valve.

Gate valve is the closing member (gate) along the vertical direction of the axis of the channel to move _ the valve, in the pipeline mainly as a cut-off medium with, that is, fully open or fully closed use. In general, the gate valve may not be used as a regulating flow. It can be applied to low temperature pressure can also be applied to high temperature and high pressure, and can be different materials according to the valve. However, the gate valve is generally not used in the pipeline for transporting slurry and other media.

Advantages: ① fluid resistance is small; ② start, close the required torque is small; ③ can be used in the media to two directions of flow of the ring network pipeline, also said that the flow of media is not restricted; ④ fully open, the sealing surface by the work of the media erosion than the disconnecting valve is small; ⑤ shape structure is relatively simple, manufacturing process is better; ⑥ structure length is relatively short.

Disadvantages: ① shape size and opening height is larger, the space required for installation is also larger; ② in the process of opening and closing, the sealing surface people relative friction, friction loss is larger, even to be in high temperature easily caused by abrasion phenomenon; ③ general gate valve have two sealing surface, to processing, grinding and maintenance increased some difficulties; ④ opening and closing time is long.

Butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve is a valve that uses a disc type opening and closing member to turn back and forth about 90° to open, close and regulate the fluid passage.

Advantages: ① simple structure, small volume, light weight, consumables, suitable for large diameter valves; ② rapid opening and closing, small flow resistance; ③ can be used for media with suspended solid particles, according to the strength of the sealing surface can also be used for powdery and granular media. It can be applied to the two-way opening and closing and adjustment of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, and is widely used in gas pipelines and waterways of metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petrochemical systems, etc.