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How to choose a high quality electric ball valve


Electric ball valve procurement only clear specifications, categories, work pressure to meet the procurement requirements of the practice, in the current market economy is not perfect. Because the electric ball valve manufacturers in order to product competition, each in the electric ball valve unified design of the concept, different innovations, the formation of their own corporate standards and product personality. Therefore, in the procurement of electric ball valves more detailed technical requirements, and manufacturers to coordinate to achieve consensus, as the annex to the procurement contract of electric ball valves is very necessary.

The working principle of pneumatic valves and fault analysis


The so-called pneumatic valves specifically refer to the use of cylinders as actuators and compressed air as the power source to achieve the actuation of the valves in order to achieve the adjustment of the switches. When the control signal is received by the control system, the temperature, pressure, flow and other relevant parameters are adjusted. In general, pneumatic valves are characterised by their reliability, rapid response and simple control. In the specific operation process, the regulating air chamber will be input 0.02-0.10MPa signal pressure, the film will appear thrust, in the process of thrust disc downward movement will be compressed spring, to achieve the valve stem, push rod and spool downward movement, to achieve the purpose of the valve regulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves


Gate valve is the closing member (gate) along the vertical direction of the axis of the channel to move _ the valve, in the pipeline mainly as a cut-off medium with, that is, fully open or fully closed use. In general, the gate valve may not be used as a regulating flow. It can be applied to low temperature pressure can also be applied to high temperature and high pressure, and can be different materials according to the valve. However, the gate valve is generally not used in the pipeline for transporting slurry and other media.

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