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Ball valve maintenance precautions

2023-01-03 14:09

I. Re-locking of the packing

If a slight leak occurs at the packing, the stem nut must be locked again. But do not lock too tight, usually lock again 1/4 turn ~ 1 turn, the leakage will stop.Second, replace the valve seat and seals


Leave the valve in the half-open position, flush and remove any hazardous substances that may exist inside or outside the valve body, close the ball valve, remove the connecting bolts and nuts from both flanges and then remove the valve completely from the pipeline. Remove the actuator-actuator, connecting brackets, lock washers, stem nut, butterfly poppet, Gnan, wear plates and stem packing in order.

Remove the body cover attachment bolts and nuts, separate the cover from the body and remove the cover gasket. Make sure that the ball valve is in the "off" position, which makes it easier to remove it from the body, and then remove the seat. Gently push the stem down through the centre bore of the valve body until it is completely removed, then remove the O-ring and under-stem packing. However, please proceed with caution to avoid abrasion of the stem surface and the body stuffing box sealing area.

2. Reassembly

Clean and check the dismantled parts, it is highly recommended to replace the seals such as seat and bonnet gaskets with spare parts kits, assemble in the reverse order of disassembly and cross-lock the flange connection bolts with the specified torque. Lock the stem nut with the specified torque.

After installing the actuator, input the corresponding signal to rotate the spool by rotating the stem to bring the valve to the open and closed position. If possible, carry out pressure seal tests and performance tests on the valve according to the relevant standards before reinstalling the pipework.