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How to choose a high quality electric ball valve

2023-01-03 14:10

Electric ball valve procurement only clear specifications, categories, work pressure to meet the procurement requirements of the practice, in the current market economy is not perfect. Because the electric ball valve manufacturers in order to product competition, each in the electric ball valve unified design of the concept, different innovations, the formation of their own corporate standards and product personality. Therefore, in the procurement of electric ball valves more detailed technical requirements, and manufacturers to coordinate to achieve consensus, as the annex to the procurement contract of electric ball valves is very necessary.

1. General requirements

1.1 Electric ball valve specifications and categories, should be in line with the requirements of the pipeline design documents.

1.2 The model number of the electric ball valve should indicate the national standard number requirement based on. If it is a corporate standard, the relevant description of the model number should be indicated.

1.3 Electric ball valve working pressure, required ≥ the working pressure of the pipeline, without affecting the price, electric ball valve can withstand the working pressure should be greater than the actual working pressure of the pipeline; electric ball valve closed condition of either side should be able to withstand 1.1 times the electric ball valve working pressure value without leakage; electric ball valve open condition, the valve body should be able to withstand two times the electric ball valve working pressure requirements.

1.4 Electric ball valve manufacturing standards, should state the national standard number based on, if the enterprise standard, the procurement contract should be attached to the enterprise documents.

2. Variable speed transmission box

2.1 Box material and internal and external anti-corrosion requirements and valve body principles consistent.

2.2 The box body should have sealing measures, the box body can withstand the immersion of 3m water column condition after assembly.

2.3 The box body on the opening and closing limit device, its adjustment nut should be in the box body or located outside the box, but need special tools to work.

2.4 Drive structure design is reasonable, open and close can only drive the valve shaft rotation, do not make it up and down tampering, drive parts bite moderate, do not produce with load open and close when the separation of slippage.

2.5 Variable speed transmission box body and valve shaft seal can not be connected into a leak-free whole, otherwise there should be a reliable anti-string leakage measures.

2.6 No debris in the box, gear bite parts should be protected by grease.