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Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic and electric valves

2023-01-03 14:09

Pneumatic valve action force distance than the electric valve, pneumatic valve switch action speed can be adjusted, simple structure, easy maintenance, action process because of the gas itself buffer characteristics, not easy to damage due to jamming, there is a gas source, and its control system is also more complex than the electric valve.

Pneumatic valves are responsive, safe and reliable, and many factories with high control requirements set up compressed air stations specifically for pneumatic instrument control elements. The electric one is to be electric.

The role of the pneumatic valve positioner is to accept the output signal of the pneumatic regulator, and then generate and regulator output signal proportional to the air pressure signal, used to control the pneumatic control valve.

Pneumatic valve positioner varieties, according to its working principle can be divided into displacement balance type and force (torque) balance type two categories.